Dictation and Transcription Management Solutions

Dataworxs Systems provides a wide selection of solutions based on your organization's specific needs. Regardless of your organization's size or requirements, Dataworxs suite of products are uniquely designed to be highly flexible, scalable, open architecture applications that are extremely cost effective and user friendly for both large and small organizations. “From one to thousands of users, Dataworxs has a solution.”

Standalone for Small Offices

Providing Building Blocks for the Future

In our fast paced world, speed, flexibility and mobility are a must. This is why firms are moving from analog to digital dictation, but sometimes choosing between workflow and standalone products is not so easy. That is why Dataworxs has developed a suite of products that allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies using simple Windows folder based management to create an elegant solution that works for you now. Unlike our competitors we provide the only unique upgrade path from standalone folder distribution to more powerful and flexible database driven workflow solutions as your needs change. 

AudioWav Mic

Advanced PC-Based Digital Dictation for Today’s Professionals.

AudioWav Mic provides a simple but sophisticated method for creating dictated audio files right from your personal computer, while you work with all of your favorite Windows programs. Once you’ve created a job, it is sent immediately to your personal assistant or organization's transcription pool over the LAN, WAN or Internet even if you are on the road or work from a remote location. Jobs can even be sent to outside transcription services via the Internet if required.

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Personal Companion/File Transfer Assistant

Secure & Easy Dictation Transfer.

Unlike the proprietary utility software provided with major recorder device manufacturers, Personal Companion and File Transfer Assistant (FTA) are the only universal software solutions on the market today. Personal Companion and FTA support over 20 different recorders from all the major manufacturers with 25 different recording formats, including all versions of DSS. Personal Companion and FTA provide automated download and transfer of audio from your digital recording device and supports the addition of user-entered demographics (meta data) to be added to any audio file allowing improved productivity and routing. Files can automatically be sent or “routed” by e-mail, FTP or by Dataworxs' exclusive “Secure Connect” using encryption to ensure complete security of sensitive data.

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AudioWav Player

Productivity Programs for the Professional Transcriptionist

AudioWav Player is a powerful, feature rich, complete audio management and transcription solution. It has all the features that professional transcriptionists require with a user friendly Windows interface. It makes selecting, indexing, and sorting jobs simply a matter of a keystroke or mouse click. Exclusive features like our “Folder Monitor” - provides automated notification that new jobs are available including priorities, even when the player is not running on your PC. This unique option allows you to go about your day to day routine without worrying about missing any jobs that have been assigned to you.

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Workflow Solutions

Dictation Without Limits - your way...anytime...anywhere.

Audioworxs is our suite of workflow applications designed for a wide range of dictation, transcription and reporting requirements. Whether you need telephony-based dictation, PC-based dictation or the convenience of mobile dictation with digital recorders and smart phones, Audioworxs provides choices.

Feature Highlights:

  • Automated routing and delivery of audio to your support staff
  • Ability to associate and manage documents with the audio
  • Complete & customizable reporting and management control
  • Supports over 20 recording formats including all versions of DSS
  • Compatible with Olympus, Philips and Grundig recorders
  • Remote and home-based transcription and system administration supported

Audioworxs Executive

Audioworxs Executive (AWEX) is designed for users with little or no need to dictate via the telephone. AWEX is a scalable workflow and document management solution designed for digital portable and PC-based dictation. The cost to implement AWEX is extremely low making it perfect for smaller organizations that didn’t think they could afford a full-featured workflow system. AWEX provides all the major features of other competitive systems at a fraction of the cost.

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Audioworxs WorkGroup

Audioworxs WorkGroup (AWWG) is our entry level telephony-based dictation and workflow solution designed for small offices that require dictation via the telephone as well as optional digital recorder and PC-based recording options. AWWG includes up to 4 simultaneous recording channels via dial in dictation. Use internal office lines and standard touch tone phones or dictate from your mobile phone when out of the office. In addition to telephone based dictation AWWG provides all the other features and options as our other systems.

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Audioworxs Small Business

Audioworxs Small Business (AWSB) is our answer for larger organizations that require the options for telephony, PC-based, digital recorder, and smart phone recording solutions. AWSB supports up to 24 simultaneous recording channels via dial in dictation and up to 48 simultaneous transcription or admin users with unlimited author access. In addition, AWSB provides the same features and functions of all our workflow applications.      

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Audioworxs Enterprise

Audioworxs Enterprise (AWET) is our premier workflow and document management solution designed for users that require a centralized enterprise wide system with the ability to provide services to remote and local offices and or departments. AWET has unlimited scalability for both telephone channels and users (author, transcription, and admin). AWET, like all of our other Audioworxs systems, has robust management tools and features. In addition, AWET offers the option to have multiple user groups that can effectively be their own unique and discreet workflow systems. The ability to import audio from other dictation systems and compatible voice mails systems and the installation of remote Call Manager servers at remote offices can save thousands of long distance and 800 number costs.

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