How Dataworxs can assist your business:

Dataworxs Systems Limited develops enterprise audio management products and systems that are affordable, feature-rich and tailored to the organization and the user. These products are simple to operate, easy to install and support, and enable voice and data transmissions to be delivered over a wide area network, local area network or the Internet. Dataworxs facilitates better management of audio workflow as well as increasing the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of reporting within organizations.

Dataworxs products have the added benefit of employing open standards. Installation is easy and quick in almost any business environment and compatible with most types of software and PC networks and requires a minimum of technical support or training, saving you time and resources.


Dataworxs has products designed to meet the needs of any medical faculty. From large hospitals with multi site campus settings to small clinics and offices Dataworxs offers a wide range of choices.

Dataworxs understands the needs of service based organizations in today’s highly competitive market. Our products provide the tools to respond to the demands of your customers.


Law firms have a unique set of requirements to process their daily work. Whether your attorneys are on the road, working at a remote office or simply need to work from home Audioworxs is the perfect solution to your needs.

In today’s world safety and security aren’t guaranteed unless you have the support of a good partner in the insurance industry. At Dataworxs we know that people’s lives and welfare depend on the accuracy and timeliness of your companies reporting.
Law Enforcement

Audioworxs for Law Enforcement is specifically designed to aid officers and investigators in collecting critical information and evidence from the field and in the office.

General Business

Dataworxs open architecture design and standards are ideal for a wide variety of business models. From standard executive dictation and transcription needs to recording information for service based manufacturing / repair, accounting houses, banks and lending institutions. Dataworxs or for anyone that needs a cost effective way to capture recorded information, images and documents we can tailor a solution for your organization that is easy to install and use and all at an affordable price.